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David B, Arizona - L-arginine Plus™ Video Testimonial

John Ernst

"Hey Guys. My BP is running 113/63!!! My doctor has cut my BP meds in Half! Before L-arginine my BP was a consistent 120/80. My Cardiologist is taking me off PLavix also. Doe L-argine work? Duh!! And you're talking to a stroke victim with nine stints...."

Chris, Utah

"This morning my blood pressure was the best it's been in ten years- 129/68! After two weeks! I think L-arginine Plus™ is doing my body some good."

Eileen, Arizona

"I can't believe it, in just 3 short months using L-arginine Plus™ my good cholesterol has gone up and my bad cholesterol has gone down."

Lyn, Idaho

"About 2 years ago my husband found that he needed help with E.D. and began using Viagra. Two months ago a friend of mine introduced us to your product and since I was concerned about the side effects associated with Viagra we gave it a try. Within 3 days of using L-arginine Plus™ there was a remarkable difference in our love life and he has not needed to use the little blue pill since."

Jim & Corine M, Arizona - L-arginine Plus™ Video Testimonial

Mark, Missouri

"I started taking L-arginine Plus™ about a month ago for my angina. Not only is the angina gone, but the additional energy I now feel is unbelievable. I am riding my bicycle for the first time in over 5 years! Thank you for the extra boost in my life."

Lou F, New Jersey - L-arginine Plus™ Video Testimonial

Dave, Utah

"For 10 years I have been on blood pressure medication. After just six weeks taking L-arginine Plus™ Cardio Health Formula my blood pressure has dropped and I am completely off my Lisinopril prescription. This stuff is awesome. I am telling everyone about it."

Heidi, Nevada

"I am a 37 year old female marathon runner and I track my training times religiously. I began using L-arginine Plus™ for the cardio benefits, but I was astounded by what an effect the increased circulation had on my running. I now take L-arginine Plus™ 30 minutes before every run and I feel like I am 20 years old again. My average time has dropped below eight minutes a mile so when my training partners saw the noticeable difference they began ordering the product too."

Harry G, Kansas - L-arginine Plus™ Video Testimonial

Roger, Illinois

"I have now been taking your product called L-arginine Plus™ for about a year and a half. I have to tell you it has been a Godsend. It has helped me so much. It has given me back a life that has been missing for some time now. Thanks so much."

Pat, Arizona

I have been using L-arginine Plus™ for one month. One week after I started using it I could tell a difference! After being diagnosed with high blood pressure my doctor subscribed two different medications. I was using them and taking L-arginine Plus™ also. I decided to stop taking my blood pressure medicine and just use L-arginine Plus™ on a test basis. I have been testing my blood pressure on a daily and it has stayed within a normal range! L-arginine Plus™ not only has made me feel better but has helped me with my blood pressure issues!

John, New York

"I found L-arginine Plus™ Cardio Health Formula on the internet and thought I would give it a try. In less than 3 weeks, I definitely felt a remarkable change. As far as I am concerned L-arginine Plus™ is the only way to go. Thank you for offering an affordable product."

Mike, Indiana

"I bought L-arginine Plus™ to help with my sex drive. It has done that!"

D.D., Oklahoma

"We are delighted with the L-arginine Plus™. Thank you so much for caring to provide natural health products that are actually affordable."

Paula, Texas

"I just want to thank you for offering a product like L-arginine Plus™ Cardio Health Formula. I truly believe that this product is a gift. I feel one hundred times better now after completing your program. I can walk longer, breathe better and no more aching pains. You are miracle workers, Thank You."

Rob, Arizona

Last night after just one month of taking two scoops a day of your product (1 in the morning and 1 at night) my blood pressure was 116 over 68. Thank you so much, I am telling all my friends about L-arginine Plus™!

Colton, Texas

"I just wanted to tell you after using two scoops a day of L-arginine Plus™ I saw a significant drop in my blood pressure in the very first week."

Brian, Washington

"My wife and I have been using Niteworks® for years and have always felt the difference. When we stumbled across your website and found L-arginine Plus™ we thought for the money why not give it a try. Man are we glad we did. Now we get all the positives of taking L-arginine in proper dosages without paying an arm and a leg. Thanks Guys."

Dr. Tim Page, Idaho

I deal a lot with nutritional supplements in helping my patients with preventative health care and I have to say that your L-arginine Plus™ is a real winner. With today's tough economic times my patients can't afford not to be on this nutrition because it truly does what research says it does: lower high blood pressure. It works time and time again and because of this it sells itself. Thanks for a great product at a great price!

Michael, California

My wife Tomala has suffered for over a year by taking her Dr's prescribed "poison" for her high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and bad cholesterol. Her blood pressure numbers have been hovering in the high 200's/high 90's. Her Blood Sugar numbers are between 200 & 180's & her bad LDL's have been, well, BAD!

Then she started having "TIA'S" on leap day this year which are an hour & a half long, she was basically having baby/Mini Strokes - DAILY!

I was LOSING my WIFE. I desperately researched to find something, anything, and THERE you were.

Tomala is just starting her 3rd month of L-Arginine Plus and the results have been almost immediate & most important (to me), DRAMATIC.

Her TIA's have become a, once in a while, mild inconvenience. Her BP is now consistently lower than mine, in the 170's/low 80's (her DR is SO proud of his Rx drugs, which she has cut in half). LDL's & Triglycerides are returning to very acceptable numbers. Her energy is better as well.

I can NEVER say Thank You enough, I truly can not.

I myself am looking forward to the time our very limited income allows me also to start taking your "Godsend" product for my own high BP, so far it isn't prescribed by my VA doctor. But soon I hope. I need another 60 years with my Tomala.

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